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Tuesday November 29th, 2016

                              Вартість послуг адвоката у Львові

The issue of the cost of legal services of a lawyer is important for every client, it is relevant along with the professionalism of the lawyer and his practical experience. Therefore, it should be noted that the prices for legal services are agreed and set by agreement between the lawyer and the client, which is usually reflected in the legal aid agreement.

The main criteria influencing the formation of the price of services are:

  • complexity of the case;
  • necessary time;
  • urgency of the issue for the client;
  • financial condition of the client;
  • duration of the lawyer’s cooperation with the client.

Cost of lawyer’s services in Lviv
It should be noted that it is enough to simply determine how much the services of a lawyer are when the services are one-time. For example, the client only needs an oral consultation, whether to write a statement of claim or other procedural document. Conversely, when the client is interested in the result, when to resolve the dispute requires a lawsuit, other legal documents, representation of the client’s interests, involvement of experts and specialists, participation in negotiations, etc., in this case only a preliminary price.

The preliminary (approximate) cost of the case can be set after:

  • acquaintance with the materials of the client’s case;
  • analysis of the circumstances of the case;
  • study of the regulatory framework;
  • study of judicial practice.

Prices for legal services in Lviv

The Law of Ukraine “On Advocacy and Advocacy” provides for the possibility of applying both fixed and hourly attorney’s fees. This or that type of reward is applied depending on feature of business. As a rule, lawyers link the cost of work performed and services provided to the amount of time spent by them, at the same time, as practice shows, clients are more interested in paying for the result of work performed. Given that each client is individual and special, accordingly, the cost of legal services should be optimal and appropriate for each client in particular.

Also for clients – legal entities, there is an opportunity to significantly reduce their costs for legal services, when choosing one of the packages of the legal service system (legal outsourcing), offered by lawyer Oksana Turkas. Because in this case you will not pay for every action of a lawyer in particular, and you will not need to hire a full-time lawyer.

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