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Lviv is a city where many law firms and private lawyers work. It is not so easy to choose a really worthy lawyer who can help you. If you are looking for the services of a professional lawyer and want to find a really responsible and honest lawyer - you have come to the right place!

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Family affairs
Family matters are the most common category of cases, a category that is relevant to almost everyone. Such cases arise from family legal relations governing property and non-property relations between husband and wife, parents and children.
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Legal advice
Legal advice is the exact and timely answer of a professional lawyer on the current legislation, informing the client about how to solve a legal issue, as well as predicting the solution of the problem.
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Development and analysis of contracts
The contract is the basis for the emergence of civil rights and obligations, so the conclusion of any contract must be treated very responsibly and with full awareness of the obligations imposed by this contract on each party.
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Civil cases
Services of a lawyer in civil cases in Lviv
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Business affairs
Services of a lawyer in economic cases in Lviv
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Cases of administrative offenses
As part of administrative proceedings, lawyer Oksana Turkas provides the following services ...
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Criminal cases
Providing consultations and explanations, defending the suspect, accused during the pre-trial investigation, consideration of the case in the court of first, appellate and cassation instance, representation of the interests of the victim, etc.
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Preparation of appeals to the European Court of Human Rights
The European Court of Human Rights is an international body of the Council of Europe that considers applications from persons who complain about violations of their rights and freedoms. The conditions for consideration of applications are determined by the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of 1950
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Registration of inheritance rights in Ukraine for foreign citizens
There are cases when the inheritance is opened in Ukraine, and the heir, being a citizen of a foreign state, does not have the opportunity to come to Ukraine and personally draw up inheritance rights. In this case, we offer a full package of services for remote registration of inheritance in Ukraine and property disposal.



Professionalism and responsibility

A high level of theoretical knowledge, practical experience and professional skills of a lawyer are important criteria for a client to choose a lawyer. Lawyer Oksana Turkas is a lawyer who has been working in the field of jurisprudence for a long time, loves her job, has achievements as a result of her activity, treats each Client responsibly. When choosing our cooperation, you will always be sure that your business is constantly being monitored.

Provision of services in Lviv and throughout Ukraine

The main place of my activity is in Lviv, however, if the Client's interests need to go to other regions of Ukraine, I am always ready for business trips. In addition, I represent the interests of foreign citizens in Ukraine.

Reliability, honesty and individual approach

Each Client is very important and special for me, so I always try to find an individual approach to working with each in particular. One of my advantages is honesty in cooperation with the Client: honesty in actions, honesty in forecasting the progress of cases, honesty in assessing the cost of the services of a lawyer. With me reliably and quickly.

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