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Tuesday November 29th, 2016
Family affairs


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Saturday July 9th, 2016
Legal advice


Legal services of a lawyer in Lviv - Oksana Turkas

Lawyers usually try to keep up with the needs of clients by adjusting the list of services provided according to incoming requests. If we make a small digression into the past, we can note that economic, political and legislative changes in the life of our country have given rise to new disputes, the resolution of which was necessary without the participation of a lawyer.

For example, during the crisis and the sharp jump in the dollar, the most relevant were cases of debt collection under loan agreements, recovery of debtors property, bankruptcy cases, in the 90s there were many cases related to the privatization of state property and public housing. , cases on recognition of the right to land share (share). At the same time, cases arising from housing, labor, land and family legal relations, inheritance cases have always been relevant.

List of legal services provided by Oksana Turkas

Lawyer in Lviv Oksana Turkas provides a wide range of legal services. Here is a list of basic services:

Of course, the above list of services is not exhaustive. Given that each clients case is unique, in each case, lawyer Oksana Turkas tries to find the necessary algorithm and set of services that would be most effective and cost-effective for the client.

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