Civil cases

Saturday July 9th, 2016

Послуги адвоката в цивільних справах, Львів

Lawyer Oksana Turkas represents the following categories of civil cases:

  • cases arising from contractual relations
  • property matters
  • cases arising from causing harm
  • cases of inheritance disputes
  • cases arising from marital and family relations
  • cases arising from employment relationships
  • cases arising from land relations
  • cases arising from housing relations
  • cases of separate proceedings (restriction of civil capacity of a natural person, recognition of a natural person incapable, recognition of a person as missing, recognition of a person dead, establishment of facts of legal significance, etc.)

Services of a lawyer in civil cases in Lviv

As part of a civil case, a lawyer provides the following services:

  • analysis of documents to determine the prospects for resolving the dispute (judicial or extrajudicial)
  • preparation of written conclusions
  • preparation of applications, requirements, claims, complaints, etc.
  • negotiating for the purpose of voluntary settlement of the dispute
  • acquaintance with case materials in court
  • preparation and filing of a statement of claim
  • writing objections to claims, petitions and other procedural documents that accompany the movement of the case
    assistance in collecting and recording evidence in the case
  • preparation of a draft settlement agreement
  • preparation and filing of appeals, cassation complaints and representation of the Client’s interests during their consideration
  • participation in the process of execution of a court decision, etc.

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