Amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine have been published

Saturday July 9th, 2016

On June 29, 2016, the official publication “Voice of Ukraine” published amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine in the field of justice.

The changes include the following: reorganization of the High Council of Justice into the High Council of Justice; deprivation of the President of the right to establish courts; assigning to the parliament the authority to establish, liquidate and reorganize courts; deprivation of the Council of the power to appoint judges indefinitely and to consent to their detention and arrest with the transfer of the last powers to the High Council of Justice; deprivation of the President, the Parliament and the Congress of Judges of the right to dismiss judges of the Constitutional Court – a judge may be dismissed only by a decision of at least two-thirds of the Constitutional Court.

The document raises from 25 to 30 years the minimum age for the position of a judge and at the same time introduces a system of competitive selection for the appointment of judges.

The document also increases the term of office of the Prosecutor General from 5 to 6 years, but prohibits him from holding this position for 2 consecutive terms.

In addition, the amendments provide for the introduction of the institution of a constitutional complaint (complaints of contradictions to the Basic Law applied in the final court decision of the law when all other domestic remedies are exhausted) and the Constitutional Court’s permission to determine the constitutionality of issues proposed for referendum. at the request of the President or at least 45 deputies of the Council).

All these changes will come into force in three months from the day after the publication of the law amending the Constitution in terms of justice.

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