Development and analysis of contracts

Saturday July 9th, 2016

Розробка та правовий аналіз договорів, Львів
The contract is the basis for the emergence of civil rights and obligations, so the conclusion of any contract must be treated very responsibly and with full awareness of the obligations imposed by this contract on each party.

It is very often the case that people interpret the contract at their own discretion and are not fully aware of what rights and obligations they will have after signing the contract. Therefore, before signing any contract, take it to a lawyer, who will need some time to carry out a legal analysis of the contract and explain the consequences of signing such a document.

Development and legal analysis of contracts by lawyer Oksana Turkas

Contract development and legal analysis services include:

  • contract development
  • legal assessment of the contract
  • preparation of a protocol of differences
  • legal assessment of the protocol of differences
  • preparation of an annex to the contract
  • legal assessment of the annex to the contract




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