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Saturday July 9th, 2016

Безкоштовна юридична консультація юриста у Львові

Legal advice of a lawyer in Lviv – lawyer Oksana Turkas

Legal advice is the exact and timely answer of a professional lawyer on the current legislation, informing the client about how to solve a legal issue, as well as predicting the solution of the problem.

The importance of legal advice is difficult to overestimate. Almost every day a person has to face situations that require clarification from a lawyer and legal assistance, especially when the problem requires quick, legally correct solutions. After consulting a lawyer, a person learns about his rights and responsibilities, determines for himself the methods of protection and the amount of evidence necessary to protect the violated right in court, receives information about the prospects of his case and much more that is crucial to protect his rights and interests. .

Lawyer Oksana Turkas provides legal advice in Lviv. During legal advice, a lawyer makes extensive use of knowledge of law, case law, and, of course, his own many years of experience in the field of law.

     Lawyer Oksana Turkas provides:

  • oral consultation
  • written consultation
  • online consultation

What is an oral consultation? Oral consultation takes place in the lawyer’s office. After the client informs him of his question, as well as the details of the case, the lawyer orally provides the person with an answer. It often happens that a lawyer first needs to study the client’s case file (correspondence with government agencies, court decisions, legal documents, certificates, letters, etc.), so to obtain a thorough consultation, the client must have such documents with him. During the oral consultation, the client not only has the opportunity to get answers to their questions, but also to find out the prospects of the case, as well as a list of necessary actions to protect their interests.

Written consultation – performed by a lawyer in writing. The lawyer performs a detailed legal analysis of the client’s situation and provides answers with reference to the current legislation.

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