Legal outsourcing

Saturday July 9th, 2016

Business legal support service in Lviv

Legal outsourcing (legal customer service) is one of the best ways to provide legal assistance to a client, based on the principles of individual approach, efficiency, cost reduction and confidentiality.

By choosing legal subscriber service for your business, you reduce legal, financial and property risks, do not spend money on taxes for the official employment of a full-time lawyer, your tasks become a priority in solving them.

The following services are provided within the framework of legal outsourcing:

  • oral and written consultations
  • registration of a newly created legal entity, a natural person-entrepreneur
  • registration of changes in constituent documents
  • obtaining licenses and permits
  • legal support of civil law documentation
  • legal assistance in maintaining personnel documentation
  • representation of the client’s interests in relations with state bodies, local self-government bodies, legal entities and individuals, including during negotiations
  • drawing up claims and claims to debtors-counterparties
  • representation and protection of the client’s interests in court
  • informing about changes in the legislation concerning the client’s activity, etc.

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